Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Rayroots Academics


What is your privacy policy?

The collection and storage of information is done with strict privacy and all the details are kept fully confidential. The client information is not divulged to anyone. Rayroots Academics gives importance to the user privacy and is fully committed in maintaining secrecy of the personal information provided by the users while availing the services or accessing the site.

What is the refund policy?

The refund is provided only at the failure of the client. The proof pertaining to failure is to be provided within 30 days of completion of the assignment. In case, if the fail proof is provided, we return only 50 percent of the amount. The writers are provided 50 percent of the amount to start the assignment, and therefore it is very difficult to get back the amount. However, as per the policy of the company, the services of the writer are discontinued with immediate effect.

What is the revision policy?

Usually, there are no charges for revisions. We do it free of cost, provided there are no changes in the requirements of the client. Like refund, rework is not entertained after 30 working days.

Payment Queries

  • Are there any discounts on assignments?
  • Yes, discounts are provided, only under special conditions.

  • What are the modes of payment?
  • Payments can be made by Western Union, Paypal, Credit Cards or Debit Cards

  • Which currencies do you accept?
  • From UK we accept GBP and from rest of the countries, we accept USD.

  • Is payment accepted in installments?
  • Payments are not accepted in installments. 50 percent of the amount is collected in order to start the assignment. Once the assignment is completed, the other 50 percent is collected. Only then is the assignment sent back to the client

    Support Queries

  • Is support provided over the phone?
  • Yes, support is provided over the phone. We are available 24x7. Our helpline number is 8013171686.

  • Can assignments be delivered within 3 hours?
  • Yes, assignments can be delivered within 3 hours, but for that extra charges are applicable.

  • Are there experts on my subject?
  • We have experts for all subjects. These experts have completed their Ph.D. in many different subjects and are the best at what they do.

    Queries Related to Services

  • Will any topic pertaining to my assignment be covered by you?
  • Yes, we do cover any topics. We have a dedicated team of experts who does extensive research while taking over an assignment. These experts come from almost every field. If there are still any doubts in your mind, then please do feel free to get in touch with us through live chat or email.

  • How much time is required to complete an assignment?
  • The time required will be based on the subject as well as the deadline. We still have writers who work with us 5 days a week as we are non-operational on Saturdays and Sundays. Any assignment can be completed within 5 hrs. to within 4 weeks’ notice.

  • Is it ethical to get help for assignments?
  • Try to visualize it in a different manner. There are a lot of tutors who provide their help to those students who are not so sharp. This is where we come in. We provide help to these kinds of students, and ethically this is sound.

  • Do you guys appear for online examinations?
  • No, we do not appear for online examinations.

  • Do you guys paraphrase or rephrase assignments?
  • We do paraphrase as well as rephrase assignments, but in such a way, so that it does not result in plagiarism.