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A book report is one of the many types of academic writing that a student is asked to complete within her academic journey. A book report is generally a form of an essay where the writer is required to consider the contents of the book, which can be chapter wise aligned or even analytical in nature depending on what has been asked. A student can moreover be asked to choose from a wide range of books or topics to write the report on or provided with a selected book that he/she has to consider for the report. Additionally, a book report can be either simple or difficult to write considering the premise of the test. Here we provide some basic tips on how to write a book report.

Where to start

Before considering how to write a book report it is important to develop an objective point of view. This is critical in assuming the considerations that have been made by the book author and how the same can be analysed without attaching too much subjective thought into the book. It is important to also note in this context, that a book report is essentially a summary of the entire book; hence, if there are chapter wise partitions within the book, then it would be important to consider how each of the chapters in the book can be summarised and also analysed within the scope of the assignment.

How to format

Critical to a good book report is to understand the format of the same. A book report template can be used in order to understand the format of the book report. A generalised and standard format is often used which makes considerations for the opening or introductory part of the book. This also contains the name of the author and the background of the study. Subsequently, in each of the body paragraphs the chapter wise summaries are presented if separate chapters are at all present. Additionally, it is important to be able to understand what the book is all about and link each of the chapter summaries to the overall theme of the book. This should help you in starting with how to write a book report. The last section might or might not contain some of the concluding thoughts of the writer. This is desirable but not always mandatory in all types of book reports.

Ensure that the teacher guidelines are followed

Not all book reports are the same. Similarly, a generalised book report template might not always be what your tutor would require. Therefore, it becomes important for you to consult with your tutor or teacher about the format that you need to follow. Additionally, it is important while considering how to write book reportyou�re your assignment follows the content of the original book. This is important particularly in case of books with chapters. You need to pay special attention to the contents of each of the chapters and note that your analysis does not overlap on contents of the book chapters. In other words, you should be mindful that you do not mix up the contents of the chapters in the book. Do not depend always on the book report template as it might not provide you with the right information on how to write a book report. Seek help from your teachers as well as other forms of online help in case you feel you are stuck with your book report. It is essential that you are able to understand the contents of the book and relate to the same. Best of Luck!