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An example research summary is basically an abstract containing a brief summary of the entire research. The research can be done on an article, review, thesis, or any conference proceeding. In-depth analysis are also conducted regarding a particular subject to make the readers understand the paper’s purpose quickly.

Purpose and Limits of an Example Research Summary

The main purpose of a research summary is to communicate regarding a research in a simple manner. The complexities of the research are interpreted, so that common people can understand it properly. The summary of the research may act as a single entity or a stand-alone entity of a fully conducted research paper.

The research summary is normally generated to convey the prime results, as well as, the conclusions of the scientifically conducted research article. The limitations of an example research summary are mainly on the basis of copyrights. Individuals may not get proper access to the full research papers. Drawing conclusions by only consulting the research summary are generally not considered to be sufficient. The analysis and evaluation of the paper should not be conducted solely on the abstract.

Elements of an Example Research Summary

There is a proper structure, which needs to be followed while conducting the best research summary. The four elements which are mandatory to be included are as follows:

  • The main focus of the research needs to be addressed. Properly defining the statements of the several problems or the issues of the research should be presented.
  • Properly addressing the methods implemented for the proper execution of the research needs to be done. They can be experiments, questionnaires, and case studies.
  • The findings or the results of the research needs to be jotted down briefly.
  • Lastly, conclusions along with recommendations should be provided.

  • How to Write Research Summary

    The method of writing a research summary remains similar, irrespective of the topic chosen for conducting the research work. The methods of the research will vary from one topic to the other. Before commencing to write a summary, a research needs to be conducted regarding the exact structure of summary writing.

    Structure of Writing a Research Summary

    The main structure for the research summary writing, consists of several sub headings. The first and foremost requirement is a proper title to the summary of the research. An abstract, highlighting the main keywords will follow the title. Next will come an introduction defining each and every aspect of the research taken place. The fourth point which needs to be addressed are the methodologies implemented for the research execution. The result section will follow the methodologies. This section will include the outcomes and findings from the research taken place. Proper discussion of the results or findings, will be done. Proper references needs to be provided in the end

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